Three weekends, three cities, and three party conferences.

Brighton, Liverpool and Birmingham. Three weekends, three cities, and three party conferences. Independent Age has travelled across the country over the last few weeks to join the Liberal Democrats, the Labour Party and the Conservatives as they gather together, taking our Care for Tomorrow campaign with us.

The party conferences were the perfect opportunity for Independent Age to showcase Care for Tomorrow, and to persuade politicians that now is the time to act on fixing our health and care system.

This year we decided to adopt a roundtable approach, choosing a select few organisations and individuals, along with key politicians, to come together. We challenged them to answer the question of whether a commission was the best approach to meeting the issues faced by the NHS and social care.

The discussions were interesting and lively, with some consensus that the funding for social care needs to be fixed, and that problems with the NHS will only get worse if they are ignored. There were also very interesting conversations about the role of councils and individuals in making sure that people stay fit and healthy.

The most important thing was that we were able to add to our supporter list, encouraging some of the councillors and organisations that we spoke to sign up to Care for Tomorrow. Increasing the number of supporters is vital if we are to continue to put pressure on the government to act, and you can help us too by signing up here.

With the new government now firmly in place, party conference season was only the first chance to highlight Care for Tomorrow to Prime Minister May, but no doubt the next few months will give us many more.